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Important Aspects of a Business Website and Logo branding

Having a website is almost compulsory in the present business scenario. With millions of websites flooding the Internet, your business site must have some unique features which can make it stand out from the crowd. Knowing about the important features of a business website better will help you communicate essential information to your designer.

Catch the attention of the reader

The entire design of the web site should be in line with your brand image. Your company logo, tag line and your scope of work should be reflected prominently in your website. Your website should be treated as a dynamic branding tool and not just an information disbursing forum.

Proper attention should be paid to the positioning of text boxes, images and videos. Ask your web designer to present information in an understandable easy to interpret format.

The normal attention span of a visitor is very small so unless you manage to catch and retain his attention, you will lose out on utility.

Good functionality is the key

If a visitor navigates to your website for the first time, he/she won’t wait to decipher the needed information. So your website should be high on informative content packaged in a simple manner. The ultimate aim is to present an enhanced user experience.

A clear and concise About Us page and prominent display of business testimonials is a must. All downloadable forms and files should be user friendly. Overall ease of navigation will contribute significantly to the utility of your website in terms of retaining user traffic.

Whether you are just starting out, wishing to present your brilliant ideas and objectives to the world, while at the same time creating your own strong memorable brand, or you are an established company or organisation looking to refresh or re-launch your identity, we can offer you the full solution to your marketing campaign and beyond. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and wishes and so that we can suggest what we can do for you.