We are skilled eCommerce website designers, developers and marketing experts.  We are proficient in engineering elegantly designed, easy and inviting to navigate, slick and secure eCommerce sites. The eCommerce site that we can create for you has the ability to be wide ranging in its capabilities and can prove of enormous importance to both an organisation and its clients.

A well designed eCommerce site design means that by use of the latest technologies, your prospective customers can select to view items from literally thousands of products, and these can be delivered to a variety of browsers at high speed.  Full, up to date information about the service or product a site visitor is interested in being intuitive to locate and product information readily accessible. If the site visitor decides to buy, then purchase is quick and easy through secure, safe, data protected payment methods. The reassurance of instant electronic confirmation back from your business helps to keep the transaction feeling safe and pleasant for the customer.

From your organisation’s side, content management systems allow you to be in full charge of what appears on your site. Efficient stock management systems keep information on the site up to the minute, with traffic light indications to you as to product levels. You can readily access analysis about which lines sell and tailor your behaviour accordingly. Electronic interaction with the client means that you are able to keep accurate records of exactly who is buying what, and tailor your electronic marketing in the light of this.

Hand in hand with the eCommerce site, we can help you to develop strategies to drive business to you.  SEO techniques that make the most efficient use of the web, pay per click campaigns and shopping feeds are used in conjunction.  Meaningful analysis of automatically generated statistical records can immediately show the rates that the traffic from those campaigns are converted into customers.

Contact us to find out all about the world of eCommerce, we will be delighted to hear about your vision and to suggest to you workable ideas for your site and the parallel internet campaigns, we could orchestrate for you to drive business to such a site, and finally we can talk to you about the help to analyse and understand the statistical evidence that electronic marketing and retail makes available to you.