Search Engine Optimisation

In addition to our design, editorial and marketing skills, we have technical strategies to offer you to create a strong online presence for your organisation. Naturally, we are fully conversant and up-to-date with all, necessary website coding, SEO tactics and other electronic marketing methods.  We understand that for those who conduct business of whatever type on the web, a strong and recognisable online presence is crucial.  And for those businesses that rely on the web as their only shop window, being found and selected by a prospective client searching for your kind of product or service is absolutely crucial.  At the very start we look at your particular market, your competitors, your target audience in order to offer tailored marketing recommendations.

We have experts in the various marketing areas such as Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Optimisation with the knowledge of search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.  We can help you to understand the world of Google Analytics, and how to read and make constructive use of the analysis information that is available to you.

Our team are constantly updating and refining their knowhow regarding ways to increase our clients’ page ranking and visibility on the web.  We show you how, for example, to make use of judicious use of pertinent words or phrases to attract the search engines, we can advise you about how to get onto local business listings, likewise we can help you to set up platforms to present relevant content to the web audience to create interest – perhaps setting up a blog to generate curiosity and awareness, or producing targeted and appealing HTML newsletters or internet press releases.  We can also direct you into using other focussed avenues, such as the various social media, affiliation relationships with relevant organisations and other inter-site links etc. If these are methods you already employ, we may be able to enhance and refine your existing skills in this area.

Very importantly we can also help you with strategies to increase the conversion of those hard won visitors into actual customers. We have the skills to help you to make your website attractive, inviting, user friendly and efficient, so that any visitor interaction with your brand on the web is positive, straight forward and secure.

Please get in touch to see how we can help you in this area, we are always happy to advise you in more detail about what we can do, and to discuss your ideas and wishes with you.